Tips for Saving Money on Your Motor Trade Insurance Premium

Every motor trader up and down the country will have one thing on their mind when taking out a Motor Trade insurance policy, and that one thing will be how they can save money on their insurance policy. To achieve your goal of saving money on your Motor Trade insurance insurance policy, there are a few simple things you need to do, and possibly a few hard decisions you need to make. Below are a handful of carefully crafted tips for car dealers looking to save money on their Car Trade insurance premium, so that you can ensure you’re saving money but also getting the right Motor Trade insurance.

Be Careful of Named Drivers

One of the easiest ways to save money on a Car Dealer insurance policy is by reducing the number of named drivers you intend to add to the policy. You should think about who actually needs to be on the policy, especially when it comes to staff members. Make sure that you’re not adding any drivers to your Car Trader insurance policy that have a poor driving history or even a criminal history. Adding named drivers to your policy that have had claims in the past or recent convictions, whether motoring or not, will not help you in achieving your goal of saving money on your Motor Trade insurance premium.

Secure Your Stock

One of the easiest things that can help you in your quest of saving money on your Car Trader insurance premium is making sure you do your best to keep your stock of vehicles secure. If, as a motor trader, you intend to save money by parking your stock of vehicles on the streets surrounding your home instead of purchasing or leasing a plot of secure land, you will see a higher Car Sales insurance premium. If you have secure premises instead, ideally with CCTV, you may find that you have a better chance at saving money on your insurance for selling cars than parking your stock on the street.

Short Term Thinking Might Not Be Best When Taking Out Car Sales Insurance

Saving money on your Car Trader premium might feel like a great feeling at the start, as the savings could be used for other aspects of the business. However, if you fail to get insurance for selling cars that properly protects your Car Sales business then you may soon find yourself out of pocket or even having to turn customers away as you can’t offer a good enough service. For example, if you don’t take out Demonstration Cover, in attempt at saving money on your Car Sales insurance policy, how will prospective customers test drive your stock? Furthermore, if you don’t take out Public Liability insurance and an accident occurs and someone sues you, then you’d be stuck paying all of the costs.

Speak to a Specialist Broker About Your Car Trader Insurance

There’s no better way to achieve your goal of saving money on your Motor Trade insurance premium than actually speak to a Motor Trade insurance broker. If you want access to excellent Car Dealer insurance knowledge and the ability to access exclusive rates for Car Dealer insurance premiums then you should try and find a reputable Motor Trade insurance broker. Using their expert knowledge, they’ll be able to help you get the right insurance for selling cars, by designing a Car Dealer insurance policy that works for your car trader business.


Hopefully these top tips for motor traders will help you make sure, as a car trader, that you get the right insurance for selling cars, so that you are able to offer the best service for your customers, but not only that, you should also make sure that your Motor Trade insurance works for your business. Yes, you should be doing as much you can to keep your premium down and savings high, but that shouldn’t be the main goal. Any Motor Trade insurance provider that prides themselves on offering a good service will make sure that your Car Dealer insurance works for you as a car trader.